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OrthoStim is an American (labs and operations in Utah and California) bioelectric stimulation and mixed stem cell composition regenerative medicine company dedicated to restoring mobility, reducing pain and rejuvenating health in patients suffering of degenerated, diseased or damaged joints, tendons or muscles.  Based on tissue and organ regeneration work that began in the 1980’s by the Leonhardt team, OrthoStim provides new approaches to the regeneration of bone, muscle, tendon, cartilage and the repair of soft tissue injuries.  The technology platform includes the InStim technology for real time reading and bioelectric signal modulation and management of inflammation which may be especially useful in patients suffering of painful arthritis of their joints.


Unlocking the body’s hidden healing potential

OrthoStim develops bioelectric stimulation based therapies that activate the homing of progenitor cells within the body to target stimulated tissues to restore health and function. Progenitor cells are the natural sources of tissues throughout your body and remain present through adulthood.  Bioelectric stimulation controlled protein expressions also may serve to improve blood circulation, reduce infection risk, reduce pain and inflammation. For advanced degenerative or diseased states we combined bioelectric stimulation with therapies of repeat deliveries of proprietary combinations of stem cells, growth factors, exosomes, micro RNAs, engineered nutrient hydrogels, amniotic fluid membranes, selected alkaloids, PRF and matrix scaffolds for the most comprehensive regeneration solution known.

OrthoStim is led by an experienced board and management team with unmatched experience in stem cell, growth factor and bioelectric regeneration therapies dating back to the 1980’s.  They have a successful track record of developing and commercializing new therapies that transform patients’ lives.

Knee electrode placement under brace

Pioneering Bioelectronic Medicine in the
treatment of joint disorders.

WARNING: Investigational use only. Any product claims not yet proven yet through statistically significant and controlled clinical studies. Not available for sale. Early state development.
OrthoStim is dedicated to treating patients with debilitating degenerative and inflammatory diseases, such rheumatoid arthritis and joint degradation, using proprietary bioelectronic devices programmed with patented and patent pending bioelectric signals for controlling stem cell homing, proliferation and differentiation, for new blood vessel growth, tissue, muscle, cartilage and bone formation and inflammation management. Early clinical data suggests OrthoStim’s bioelectronic therapy is well tolerated and can treat patients that fail to respond to biologics alone or have become refractory to biologics.

Bioelectronic medicine uses small micro implanted or bench top stimulation devices to deliver targeted electrical pulses directly to target tissue, muscle, cartilage tendon or bone to trigger stem cell homing, proliferation and differential, increase blood circulation and regeneration as well as managing inflammation via customized real time reading, modulation and management. It is designed (still under investigational use only not proven yet safe or effective with statistically significant controlled clinical trials) to provide ‘built-in’ therapy at a lower cost and is intended to improve safety compared with other stand alone device, drugs or biologic options. In advance disease states OrthoStim combines its bioelectric stimulation therapy with a re-fillable micro infusion pump for repeat delivers of it’s proprietary OS-15 fifteen component regeneration composition comprised of stem cells, growth factors, exosomes, micro RNAs, engineering nutrient hydrogel, amniotic fluid, PRF, selected alkaloids and matrix scaffolds.

OrthoStim intends to develop bioelectric and mixed stem cell based therapies as a breakthrough approach to treating joint degenerative and inflammatory diseases and conditions.

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