Imagine if you could eliminate the pain of joint arthritis with simple bioelectric stimulations.

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Imagine if you could eliminate the pain of joint arthritis with simple bioelectric stimulations.

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OrthoStim dedicated to providing innovative bioelectric and mixed stem cell based composition treatments for people suffering of arthritis, tendon, muscle, bone, cartilage and soft tissue injuries, diseases and conditions.

Imagine if with bioelectric stimulation and repeat therapies with mixed stem cell based compositions you could harness your body’s own healing potential so that you could regenerate your own joints instead of having a major surgery with artificial implants…

Imagine if you could eliminate the pain of joint arthritis with simple bioelectric stimulations…

Adding bioelectric controlled protein expressions for inflammation management, healing, pain relief and regeneration promotion to your favorite brand knee braces.


Electroacupuncture improves the physical function of patients with knee osteoarthritis

Electrical stimulation for pain relief in knee osteoarthritis: systematic review and network meta-analysis

Intensive Electro-acupuncture may improve pain, function in knee osteoarthritis

Tisugen Presentation on Knee Pilot Study Data

Electrical stimulation for pain relief in knee osteoarthritis

Patented and patent pending bioelectric signals for:

  • Recruiting stem cells.
  • Proliferating stem cells.
  • Differentiating stem cells.
  • Growing new blood vessels.
  • Reading, modulating and managing inflammation.
  • Reducing risk of infection.
  • Regenerating tissues, muscle, cartilage and bone.

OrthoStim via Leonhardt Ventures LLC has first option pathway to the Liu patents but has not yet exercised the option to an exclusive patent license.

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OrthoStim is the first and only patented bioelectric knee and joint stimulator that controls with precision regenerative protein expressions including stem cell homing via SDF1 and PDGF, as well as klotho, follistatin, S100A1 and IGF1 for muscle regeneration and PDGF for meniscus regeneration. BMP9, OPG and COL17A1 for cartilage regeneration. Tropoelastin for restoring elasticity. The OrthoStim technology platform also includes patented customized inflammation management.

For very severe advanced cases OrthoStim Plus Biologics combines bioelectrics and biologics injections for joint regeneration and recovery. Our proprietary biologics mix includes bioelectric pre-treated PRF, secretome from amniotic sourcing, selected exosomes and patent pending klotho expressing MSCs.

We believe no other therapy is more comprehensive and is designed to address more of the underlying causes of joint degeneration, inflammation and pain than OrthoStim and OrthoStim Plus Biologics.

Target Intended Indications for OrthoStim Technologies:

• Knee
• Hip
• Elbow
• Tendon
• Cartilage
• Bone
• Muscle


1.  Reduce inflammation and associated pain.
2.  Regenerate.
3.  Increase blood circulation.

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