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Q. What is the OrthoStim therapy?

Our primary therapeutic treatment for joint recovery is reading the inflammation of the joint via bioelectric signal and cytokine sensing and then custom designing a bioelectric stimulation sequence to deliver a patient specific customized solution. Within our bioelectric reader and stimulator micro-processors are stored healing sequences previously recorded from ideal optimal healing recoveries that serve as a baseline. We have 19 patented or patent pending precise bioelectric signals that control expression of specific proteins for specific purposes. These include SDF-1 for stem cell homing. IGF-1 for DNA repair. Tropoelastin for increasing elasticity. VEGF, PDGF, HIF1a, eNOS and SDF-1 for increasing blood supply and circulation. BMP 9 and OPG for bone formation when needed. Follistatin for new muscle formation when required. A full array of IL and other anti-inflammatory cytokines. We also have bioelectric signals that help control the differentiation of recruited or injected stem cells into useful target tissues, tendon, bone or cartilage. Our bioelectric therapy is usually provided via two platforms – (1) a high fidelity high precision bench top bioelectric stimulator in clinic with two 20 to 40 minute treatment sessions a week for about 8 to 12 weeks and (2) a portable mobile stimulator taken home that is worn within a conductive wrap that is placed over the joint. This mobile stimulation is applied whenever that patient feels comfortable to do so until full recovery is affected. The late Dr. Y. King Liu, one of our longstanding advisors, invented and patented a knee/joint wrap that is precision set up to deliver bioelectric signals along the proven acupuncture pathways derived from thousands of years of practice of eastern acupuncture medicine. For severe recovery cases we combine our bioelectric regeneration therapy with a re-fillabable micro infusion pump that is refilled daily, weekly or monthly with our OS-15 fifteen component joint regeneration and recovery composition comprised of stem cells, growth factors, amniotic fluid, platelet rich fibrin, BMP-9, exosomes, selected micro RNAs, selected alkaloids, engineered nutrient hydrogel and joint specific matrix.

What is the OrthoStim Treatment Regimen for Joint Regeneration and Recovery?

1. Bioelectric InStim inflammation treatment 2X a week for 40 minutes each for 3 weeks prior to stem cell injections. Reads inflammation and real time adjusts bioelectric signals to control anti-inflammatory cytokines release on demand.
2. Bioelectric stem cell recruiting and protein expression treatment in clinic for regeneration 2X a week for 20 to 40 minutes for 16 weeks. Includes SDF-1, IGF-1, HGF, EGF, PDGF, VEGF, HIF1a, eNOS, Activin, Follistatin, Tropoelastin, BMPs.
3. Adipose or bone marrow derived stem cell injections with may be suspended (where regulatory agencies accept) in a growth factor cocktail, amniotic fluid, PRF, nutrient hydrogel, selected exosomes, micro RNAs, selected alkaloids and joint matrix- 1X a month for 6 months or until joint is recovered.
4. PRP, PRF, Amniotic Fluid injections – 1X per month for 6 months or until joint is recovered.
5. @ home stimulation with portable microcurrent leg, knee, calf and foot electric stimulation microcurrent garments (joint wrap) – use everyday until recovery.
6. Electro-acupuncture with Dr. Y. King Liu patented knee brace wrap one treatment day a month for 6 to 18 months or until joint is recovered.

Treatment protocol will vary depending on regulatory constraints in certain countries and physician preference.

Novel Effect of Biphasic Electric Current on In Vitro Osteogenesis and Cytokine Production in Human

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